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  • Jakub Bukowczan - diabetolog Wieluń

    dr n. med. Jakub Bukowczan

    diabetolog, endokrynolog, internista

    • Apteczna 8 Dojazdów, Kocmyrzów

      MEDIQUS Polsko-Amerykańskie Centrum Zdrowia(Dojazdów)

    • Dojazdów 275, Kocmyrzów

      MEDIQUS Polsko-Amerykańskie Centrum Zdrowia

    The best Endocrnologyst ever!!! I had gynecomastia from using steroids and needed d proper medications to decrease the estrogen level. I've visitid 3 doctors before Dr. Bukowczan and one of them told me to do a surgery (on active gynecomastia surgery is prohibited, You need to decrease estradiol level before surgery), the other two guys told me to not to think about it and it will be ok (ridiculous). After all these Endocrilogysts I visited Dr. Bukowczan. It was the best decision I've ever made. He immediatly understood my situation and prescribed proper mix of drugs along with proper blood tests. He literally changed my life and helped me to come back on track. Genuine expert. I highly recommend him!!! (especially for bodybuilders who are seeking for Endocrinological support). …więcej

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